Our Commitment

GaBa Consulting is committed to delivering distinctive, agile and pragmatic management consultancy aligned with the needs of our clients to navigate through the challenges and uncertainties surrounding their operations. We work with organisations across various sectors to improve their services, including business strategy, human resources, risk management, strategic communication, project management, and finance.

Our dedicated team of experts will work with our clients to provide 24/7 support and ad-hoc services to help improve and strengthen performance, which help your organisation make confident and informed management decisions bespoke to your corporate needs. Our guidance also combines analysis across the spectrum of external factors integral to the growth and survival of your organisation.

Our unbending commitment is to provide the required solutions that will drive positive change in your organisation. We bring in fresh perspectives, expertise and innovative solutions to complex problems. Our consultants do not just fill knowledge gaps but also offer strategic insights, drive change and enhance efficiency. 


Clients who partner with us benefit from:

Specialist team

Our specialists are well grounded in organisational and management systems and practices, as well as the broader external risk factors that influence them.


We also work closely with our stakeholders and partner organisations to establish a deep and immersive understanding of their organisations.


We combine qualitative and quantitative methods with evidence-based solutions gathered from open source research to model our clients' specific needs.

Our Services

Business continuity planning to support organisations to continue operating in the face of unexpected and unplanned eventualities.

Audit and review organisational policies for changing political, legal, and economic rules and regulations.

Corporate Investigations – supporting internal investigations into fraud, corruption, bribery, and other corporate malfeasance cases.

Performance management – ensures your organisation continues to support the training and development of staff through continuous appraisal, supervision, and establishment of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) system.


  • Risk Management

  • Restructuring & Workforce Planning

  • Financial Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Transformation & Improvement

  • Policy Advisory & Formulation

  • Learning & Development

  • Operations, Governance & Sustainability